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We have a proven track record of creating a variety of websites, ranging from religious place of worship, to local county political parties, to someone running for office. We have also had the pleasure recently of building a e-commerce website that on level with Ebay to Amazon.


Chris Jones Media

CJMEdia is a website dedicated to the business of creating and providing services to those that need voicework. Completed: 05/01/2020

CG Worldwide Advertising LLC

This is an advertising business that is located in LA, California. Providing a service to local business within the LA region. Completed: 04/15/2020

Desert Zen Center

Desert Zen Center website was created in early 2016 for the Buddhist Temple located, Lucerne Valley, CA in part to wanting an outdated website.


EmporiumCan has been redeveloped into a Social Network. it took us 3 months to build this site. Redevelopment Early 05/05/2021.

The Patriot Hub

This website is a small blog, that is also a podcast, to provide a different opinion and perspective - Completed 01/05/2021

Alan D. Wagner - 2016 Relection

Mr. Wagner, a Mayor of Ontario California, running for re-election for his City, which won his election in Nov 2016.

San Bernardino County GOP

A Friend, reached out to me to re-build the San Bernardino County GOP Party, due to it being outdated 2012-2016.


This website is something that is in development, it is a small #CBD, #Coffee and other Editable CBD products.


This website is being worked on for a client, they want a social network, due to the situation that has and is happening on restricting speech.

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